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Latest Technology


January 1, 2019

IQ-Health Glass-Door

Glass Door is the customer's portal to follow up on the consumption of its employees. It allows the customer to:

Monitor consumptions as they occur.

Monitoring the coverage limits approaching access in the event that this occurs.

Calling any of his employees’ consumptions for a subscriber.

Stand on the health map for its employees.

It also provides many statistics on the development of consumption over the period of the contract, whether in terms of values or monthly frequency rates.

It also allows seeing the places of frequency, which give an indication of the places where its employees are stationed.

January 1, 2020

IQ-Health Portal

IQ-Health Portal is a platform, done by AspirCode Software company, that assists in the processing of health insurance claims,lowers operating costs, provides comprehensive insight into the patient's medical history, and detects fraud, reducing the use of medical services. Furthermore, the La Maîtrisé platform allows medical providers to connect effectively with payers, manage their credit limitations, and submit clean claims to collect payment faster. It allows our customers to obtain the service as soon as possible, whether it is medicine services, radiology, or analyzes...etc without phone reviews and the services are covered or not.

January 1, 2021

IQ-Health Mobile App.

Al-Mashreq medical care mobile application supports English and Arabic languages and uses both Android and IOS platforms. The application enables our cumstomers to:

Contact us directly, whether by phone or email.

Search our the medical network , evaluate service providers, view the latest updates made on the medical network for a moment and enables them to locate medical service providers using Google maps.

Members are able to send / receive approvals through the app, can send a reimbursement request for services fulfilled, by vendors outside the medical network and see their transaction history by checking their approved claim requests and their attached documents whether it be a diagnosis, prescription …etc.

Members get notifications for requested approval status and for Reimbursement (status, needed documents…etc.)

In addition to the ability to share a photocopy of the membership card via WhatsApp or e-mail and all communication platforms.

The possibility of using the application for the contributor's family members in case they are covered by medical care.

May 1, 2023


It is an application designed for persons who has no medical care. Registration in the application,  is made in exchange for an annual subscription, whether for an individual or for a family, and enjoying the discounts granted which reaches more than 60% in some specialties.
After completing registration, the subscriber can send medical recommendations to Al-Mashreq customer service via the application, who will then send an SMS message to the subscriber with the value of those services, and they can pay via Fawry Service.